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 QC-9130  Digital Metal Impact Tester @

EN 10045, ASTM E 23-00a,GB T229

Digital Metal Impact Tester It is suitable for metal material of large capacity impact tester. It used hammer once of swing impact specimen which broken was based on hammer of initial angle and after strike of angle to get hammer of loss energy which is material of impact energy value. This tester of feature is high precision, easy operation and the hammer will be auto return after finish impact. The test result can get from digital display and no need to complicate to calculation.

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 Specs @  Description
 Capacity @  300J
 Speed @  Impact speedG5.3~5.5 m/sec
 Best testing range @  The hammer capacity within10 ~ 90%
 Machine displays of angle @  0.05X
 Impact angle @  150X
 Feature @  1. The hammer will be auto return after test.
 2. The hammer with electric brake function.
 3. Auto display impact data after test.
 4. With protect cover to collect sample which is
 after tested.
 Energy unit @  JBJ/mmBJ/cmBJ/mm²BJ/cm²BKJ/m²BKg-cmBKg-
 Power @  Single phase 220 V
 Dimension @  210 95 208 cm
 Weight @  900kg


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