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 QC-802A  Holding Power Chamber @

Holding Power Chamber. This device is used for test tape adhesive strength under high temperature and constant-temperature motionless static load condition.

When testing the adhesive which would be used in higher temperature environment, the temperature control chamber is the principle part, and attached fixture for hanging the specimen for testing the adhesive retention. Provide the constant temperature when testing and record the time of adhesive coming off. Testing temperature is adjustable by request. Pay attention on the floating speed of air circulation in the chamber when testing, to see if that would effects the force on specimen.

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 Specs @  Description
 Testing jig @  10Sets, able to use individually
 Electric Controller @  After all specimen has dropped, Buzzer (with a
 switch) will make a sound, and automatically shut-
  off heater.
 Stainless Steel @  SUS#304, 10 pcsC
 Loading Weight @  1 kg (or other specification), 10Pcs, made by
 stainless steel.
 Timer @  Electrical LCD screen, keep the testing time
 automatically, 9999 hours and 59 seconds, total
 Weight @  80kg
 Dimension @  100X50X92(h)cm
 Temperature @  Room ~ 200J, microcomputer PID automatic
 calculate, 0.1J displayer, 0.3J


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