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 QC-801C  Tape Retentively Tester @

Holding power Tester. This tester is aim to test the adhesive strength of tape under static load. Calculate the keeping time of tapes under a specified load, to know the adhesive strength and using life of tapes. To adhesive the tape on the stainless steel plank and 2kg rubber pressing wheel run over it to make sure that stick on plank homogeneously. The adhesive area usually is 1 inch X 1 inch, leave it for 20 minutes to make the adhesive stuck stable, then load a certain weight( 1kg in common use) and record time from loading to come off. Can adjust the loading weight or measure the time that adhesive moves to the fixed distance to determine the quality of adhesive.
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 Specs @  Description
 Jigs @  15 Sets
 Weight @  1kg (Or specified), 15 Pcs
 Timer @  LED Displayer. Save testing time automatically
 Stainless Steel Plate @  15 Pcs (50 x 75mm)
 Connector @  15 Pcs
 Dimension @  142 x 28 x 60 cm
 Weight @  75kg


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