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 QC-659  Electric Plug/ Cord Bending Tester °@

UL 817, CNS 6797

This machine mainly aims at the bending endurance test of cables. When the cable break, the machine will record the bending times. and we raise the height of control panel to make user more easy to operate

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 Specs °@  Description
 Bending angle °@  °”30°B°”45°B°”60°B°”75°B°”90(adjustable).
 Angle indicator can display the bending angle.
 Speed °@  DC motor, setting 20 ~ 60CPM is available.
 Counters °@  7 sets, when the cord broken, the counter
 correspond to the cord stopped.
 Standard Weight °@  100gX6, 200gX6, 300gX6, 500gX6
 Dimension °@  78 x 65 x 95cm
 Weight °@  150kgs
 Testing quantity °@  6 stations
 Features °@  1.The R angle of grip at two end

 2.The grip span can be custom-made according to
 wire size.

 3.Battery built in counter can be used for about
 5 years


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