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 QC-621K  Surface Hardness Abrasion Tester @

This machine allows user to test the abrasion endurance of baking lacquers,coating, electroplating and dyeing with sand bar, white cloth or steel wool. This machine adopt step motor with equal velocity abrasion, which is different from the traditioanl harmonic motion. Parameter setting can be set in accordnace with various test requirements such as velocity, abrasion distance, specimen shape, abrasion head and weight sets.
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 Specs @  Description
 Specimen size @  width 20-200mm,thickness max 50mm
 Grip @  Attached with one set of standard grips for flat
 specimen, or optional grip specificied by users.
 Control panel @  test speed:10-150mm/sec

 Counter: 199999999 times, auto stop

 Max abrasion force @  8 kgs
 Abrasion Head(optional) @  Abrasion headGa.X6.35mm: sand bar holder
 (excluding sand bar)Ab.X16mm: white clothA
 c.X16mm steel wool (or specified by user)
 Weight sets @  50gB100gB200gB300gB500gB1000g( the
 basic weight is 200g)
 Machine Weight @  46 kg
 Machine Dimension @  703540 cm
 Abrasion distance @  5~150mm (adjustable); by Stepping motor
 Machine Weight @  46 kg
 Machine Dimension @  703545 cm
 Abrasion distance @  5~150mm (adjustable); by Stepping motor
 Power @  100V240VA50/60HZ


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