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¡n According to Functions ¡nAbrasion resistance test

 QC-621B  Coating/ Printing Tester ¡@

JIS L0823/0849, CNS 3843,AATCC 8

This tester is for test the surface discoloration by abrasion. Abrasion head can be white cotton cloth, eraser, sandpaper or steelwood. to test the discoloration / hadrness condition

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 Specs ¡@  Description
 Load Weight ¡@  100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1000g, adjust weight,
 made by iron and managed with electroplate.
 Abrasion distance ¡@  20, 40, 60mm, adjustable; use ¡§eccentric
 wheel¡¨ method to drive abrasion stroke.
 Abrasion speed ¡@  60 CPM ¡Ó3 CPM(back and forth as one cycle)
 Attachment ¡@  Fixture are attcehed to clmap specimen when
 specimen requirement ¡@  This tester can not only test flat specimen bust
 also irregular shape such as mouse.
 Feature ¡@  1.Abrasion position can be set

 2.Standard white cotton cloth fixing head:
 material is acrylic, one piece.
 Abrasion head ¡@  Material of chuck is aluminum, able to grip
 standard rubber, one piece.
 timer ¡@  With electrical counter to preset abrasion
 number of times: 1 ~ 9999999 or set auto stop
 Dimension ¡@  70x35x40cm
 Weight ¡@  42kgs


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