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¡n According to Functions ¡nAbrasion resistance test

 QC-618D  Abrasion Tester ¡@

ASTM D5963, ISO 4649, DIN, 53516

Abrasion tester. This tester provides a specific load to rub the material to evaluate the abrasive character such as outsole of shoes, track belt,tire.

This tester is to test belt, tire conveyor, shoe sole, track etc. rubber materials by wearing and tearing damaging method. This kind of testing method can cooperate with standard rubber and specific gravity gear to accurately calculate the loss of abrasion. By the related common standard, this tester is a present best accurate device.

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 Specs ¡@  Description
 Specimen Grips ¡@  ø16mm
 Load ¡@  2.5N,5N,10N
 Grips horizontal Moving Distance ¡@  4.2mm/Per Roller Turn
 Abrasion Travel ¡@  40m
 Power ¡@  Single Phrase, AC220V, 3A
 Weight ¡@  90kg
 Roller ¡@  Diameter150mm, Length 471mm, Speed 40rpm.
 Abrasion speed ¡@  19.2m/min.
 Dimension ¡@  81 x 32 x 36 (H) cm


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