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¡n According to Functions ¡nAging/ Fatigue

 QC-607  Aging Oven ¡@

ASTM D5423, JIS K6301, CNS 687, GB 3512

Aging Oven,this Chamber simulates a high temperature environment. This situation can speed up the aging process. With a tensile and elongation change before and after aging to evaluate the character.

The high polymer material would be aged cause of the using time and environment condition that would worse the physical properties like stress and extension of finished goods. To figure out the difference, put the material in higher temperature place for a period time, and then test by tensile tester to compare the difference between before and after aged material.

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 Specs ¡@  Description
 Temperature Controller ¡@  PID Controller,LCD Display
 Turning Speed of the Specimen Plate ¡@  10rpm
 Timer ¡@  0~999 Hours
 Power ¡@  Single Phrase, 220V,20A
 Size ¡@  M Type:
 Inner Dimension :45x40x45cm
 Outer Dimension:74X64x118cm
 Weight: 75kg
 L Type:
 Inner Dimension:50X50X60cm
 Outer Dimension:80x70x130cm
 Temperature ¡@  Room up to 200 (300¢XC optional)


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