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 QC-603B  Cutter for Hardness Specimen ˇ@

JIS K6031, UL 1581

Cutter for Hardness Specimenis for when the specimen is hard or thick, cannot be cut into necessary shape with ordinary cutter, normally, we will form them with casting mold; or use this machine to coordinate with mold, use mold-close method to process out specimen appearance.

Sometimes the specimen is unable to be formed directly, must sampling from the finished goods. Such as hard materials like water tube. Soft materials can be formed directly by cutting tool, hard materials would have to finish the shape of specimen by paring cut method. Each shape of specimen have to be finished by a unit forming mould, the common specimen is tensile and stretch specimen.

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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Specimen Shape ˇ@  Specified
 Min. Radius ˇ@  14mm
 Specimen Thickness ˇ@  2~15mm
 Cutting Speed ˇ@  1800 rpm


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