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¡n According to Functions ¡nTensile/ Compression Teste


QC-546M2F has large test space and long stroke, the maximum test capacity is 20 kN. Maintenance-free transmission mechanism to reduce machine maintenance problems and in the same time it provides a quiet test environment and high-precision test results. The machine has single-separated electric control box, separate electronic control system to avoid interference with the transmission components to increase test stability and also conducive to the maintenance and updating of electronic systems. Support precision jog wheel can be fine tuning machine movement, with precision positioning and accurate calibration to increase test accuracy. High-speed signal feedback mechanism can reduce the chance of machine overload. The reserved external signal can be connected to an external signal source, increasing machine control mode.
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 Specs ¡@  Description
 Max. Capacity ¡@  20kN
 Units ¡@  Force: gf, kgf, lbf, N, kN, ozf, tonf(SI),
 ton(long), tonf(short)
 Pressure: Kpa, Mpa, psi, bar, mm-Aq, mm-Hg
 Force Resolution ¡@  31 bits
 Force Precision ¡@  1/100,000
 Test stroke(w/o grip) ¡@  850mm
 Stroke resolution ¡@  0.0001mm
 Space between columns ¡@  425 mm
 Speed range ¡@  0.0002 ~ 1000 mm/min adjustable¡]Set up by
 Speed accuracy ¡@  High speed mode:0.05 ~ 1000 mm/min
 Low speed mode:0.0002~3 mm/min
 PC-Port ¡@  RJ45(TCP/IP)(Connect software optional)
 Data sampling rate ¡@  1200Hz (Max.)
 Hardware safety protection ¡@  upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop button
 Motor type ¡@  Servo Motor
 Stiffness Slop ¡@  1585 kgf/mm
 Feature ¡@  ¡°Automatic reading of load cell feature
 ¡°Automatic reading of displacement sensor
 feature information
 Feature ¡@  ¡°force display, displacement display, time
 display, stress display and strain display
 ¡°External analog input (2-channel simultaneous
 reading of voltage or current)
 Feature ¡@  ¡°Test force automatically zero
 ¡°Test force self-defined calibration
 ¡°Break detection
 ¡°Automatic return
 ¡°Force overload protection
 Power Supply ¡@  Single phase 200V -240 V, 5A
 Dimension of Machine ¡@  100 x 58 x 151 cm
 Weight of Machine ¡@  145kgf


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