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°n According to Functions °nComputerized Tensile Testing Machine

 QC-546M2  Universal testing machine °@

The multi-functional of configuration with stand-alone operation which can be placed in work field. It also can connected with computer to do more complex test and analysis which be placed in lab. This machine Max. capacity is 20 kN. The machine with high precision of ball screw and high function of servo motor which can provide high precision of testing environment. The humanity operating configuration and maintenance design. Load cell of UTM with memory function, while it needs to be changed or maintained, original factory will do calibration before dispatch to customers side. Customer can install directly to use without any setting. The separate electronic control box can provide multiple choices for maintenance upgrades for far-end user more convenience technological processes and also extend machine using life time to reduce the machine of maintenance cost. The external keys and with accurate hand wheel configuration can adjust machine position fast and also increase machine safety and convenience. The speed range is 0.0005~833 mm/min to meet more testing requirements.
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 Specs °@  Description
 Max. Capacity °@  20 KN
 Force Resolution °@  1/100,000
 Stroke (without grip) °@  800 mm

 1200 mm (extend height)
 Stroke resolution °@  0.0001 mm
 Space between columns °@  425 mm (550mm°B680mm°B800mm optional)
 Speed range °@  0.0002 ~ 833 mm/min(Set up by computerized)
 Speed precision °@  High speed mode: 0.05 ~ 833 mm/min °” 3%

 Low speed mode: 0.0002~2.5 mm/min °” 3%
 PC-Port °@  TCP/IP
 Data sampling rate °@  Faster 200 Hz
 Hardware safety protection °@  Up/down limit, emergency stop button
 Motor type °@  Servo Motor
 Power Supply °@  Single phase 200 ~ 240VAC°A5A


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