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 QC-527A2  Adhesion/Release Tester ˇ@

QC-527 test range can do low and high speed peel test and also for 45/90/135/180˘X multi-angle peel test. Low speed peeling force generally uses 300mm/min to proceed with test, test low-stick adhesive label tear force. High speed peeling force generally uses 10-30m/min to proceed with test, simulate peeling force during label forming and labeling speed for end users
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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Max capacity ˇ@  500N(MAX)
 Standard test table ˇ@  suitable for 200X200mm sample
 Selectable test speed range ˇ@  from 100 to 30000mm/min
 Force resolution ˇ@  1/100,000
 Sampling rate ˇ@  200HZ above
 Software ˇ@  ˇ·Including software which can do tensile, peel
 or friction test

 ˇ·Software use USB line as communication tool

 ˇ·Software are able to analyze and compare test

 ˇ·Real-curve display

 ˇ·Data can transform into EXCEL file

 Test angle ˇ@  selectable between 30˚ and 180˚
 Travel ˇ@  400mm


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