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 QC-507E  Horizontal Tensile Tester ˇ@

Horizontal Tensile Tester is designed for 180˘Xpeel force testing and control by computer chip. This machine could make tensile/pressure testing also analyze various testing data by connecting with computer.

Horizontal tension has been used extensively for packing tap for electrical component and adhesive test. It is a specialized 180˚ peeling tester. Due to the test method of this tester is different with general material testers , it would not have great effect cause the weight of specimen on tiny strength test. This tester also can do the different testing mode by changing the sensor capacity and grips.

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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 capacity ˇ@  1-10kg,4 kinds capacity
 stroke ˇ@  max:300mm
 specimen width ˇ@  max:110mm
 speed ˇ@  1-500mm/min
 displacement resolution ˇ@  1/10000
 weight ˇ@  36kg
 accessory ˇ@  software
 connected ˇ@  USB
 dimension ˇ@  92 x 30 x 38cm
 power ˇ@  AC100~240V


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