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 QC-506LWC  Computer Sever High Low Temperature Tensile Tester ˇ@

CNS 2276

Our model#QC-506B1-2W4 + QC-703N

This Computer Sever High Low Temperature Tensile Tester modified with high or low temperature chamber for different tensile, compression , shear test. The chamber can movable when it doesn't need to use.

This tester has been designed to can adjust the width of machine frame to let the temperature inner box with enough space. The temperature box also can be removed from machine for testing in general temperature.

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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Capacity ˇ@  500kg
 Internal Chamber Size ˇ@  350(W)X 350(D)X 400(H)mm
 Testing Temperature ˇ@  1.Room Temp. up to 100 Degree C
 2.Lowest Temp.-0,-20,-40,-60 up to 100 Degree C
 Dimension ˇ@  100X200X240cm


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