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 QC-505B1  Universal Material Testing Machine @

Universal material testing machine are mainly applied to testing the physical features of raw materials, finished-products, and semi-products. Universal material tester can perform tensile testing, compression testing, bending testing and acquire testing data like elongation, extension rate, stress and strain...etc. Universal material testing machine can go with various testing accessories like grips, ovens, extensometers and load cells to perform various measuring and testing. This tensile tester can be operated individually or by computer to control the tester.

Its new floor type Universal Material Testing Machine which applied by latest design and producing skill to have strong structure, saving transmission power and electric current without specific power system. Undoubtedly we still keep the advantage for testing precision, simply operation, expand strong. Its the best choice for material testing machine.

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 Specs @  Description
 Capacity @  5000kg(MAX)
 Force Resolution @  1/10000
 Stroke Resolution @  5/1000 mm
 Speed @  0.5--500 mm/min.
 Space @  420 mm.
 Weight @  356kg.
 Power @  220VAC
 Dimension @  88X58X193 cm
 Stroke @  1100mm


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