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n According to Functions nWater Penetration Test

 QC-317A  Water Penetration Tester @

AATCC 127, JIS L1079/L1092/L1096/K6550, CNS 1479/10461/1481

Water Penetration Tester tests water penetration of waterproof material by a raising cup. According to using pressing force and environment difference, there are high pressure(0~40000mm/aq) tester, low pressure(0~2000mm/aq) tester and portable type water penetration tester. The testing principle of these three testers is to pressurize by constant pressing force until over three globs come out and stop recording the value of water colum high pressure. Another test method is to pressurize by a constant pressing force in a definite period, and watch if there is glob comes out to determine the qualification.

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 Specs @  Description
 Pressure Diameter @  4.5inch
 Testing Pressure Speed @  1~3cm/sec water height
 Pressure Capacity @  0~180cm water height
 Dimension @  5264270cm
 Weight @  180kg


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