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ˇn Business Types ˇnHardness Tester

 QC-206EX  Digital Hardness Tester mod. 206 EX ˇ@

n accordance to the standards EN-ISO 6506-2/ 6507-2/ 6508-2/ ABSOLUTE TEST LOAD The hardness tester 206 EX is a motorized model with load cell aligned with the indenter to achieve Rockwell hardness tests HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HRK and generate fingerprints Vickers HV10 - HV60 - HV100. Versatile hardness tester for use in the workshop and laboratory, designed to control any type of material Pressing the wheel base you perform the contact with the surface to be examined, moving the upper lever, automatically, applies the load preset. The result appears immediately on the digital display. Does not need to be level and can also work closely with vibration
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 Specs ˇ@  Description
 Preload ˇ@  10kgf
 test load ˇ@  60-100-150 Rockwell(588-980-1471)N

 62.5-125-187.5 Brinell(612-1225-1839)N

 10-60 Vickers (98.07-588)N
 Working ˇ@  Rockwell traditional-electronic control
 feasible tests ˇ@  Rockwell-brinell+ Vickers
 Reading ˇ@  12 scale Rockwell,Brinell+R kg/cm2
 Reading Resolution ˇ@  0.1 HR
 Accuracy ˇ@  Conformation standard EN-ISO 6506/6507/6508/ASTM
 Height capacity ˇ@  215mm
 Depth capacity ˇ@  190mm
 Diameter of column ˇ@  60mm
 Diameter of Anvil ˇ@  60mm
 max load of test piece ˇ@  1000kg
 Data output ˇ@  RS 232 C
 Data selection transmission ˇ@  OK, Hard, Soft
 Power supply ˇ@  220V 50/60Hz 200VA
 Field of aplication ˇ@  for all metals,steel,hard steel,cast
 iron,bronze,aluminum over 0.6mm, plastics,soft
 and hard rubber
 net weight ˇ@  65kg
 packing weight ˇ@  85KG
 packimg dimension ˇ@  37X60X102cm


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