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 QC-113A  Pneumatic Type Drop Tester @

ASTM D5276

This tester is driven by a pneumatic cylinder controlling a single wing structure. It only takes a small space to operate and is ideally suited for testing the impact of cartons, luggage cases, suitcases, electric equipment, etc. By testing with the QC-113A Drop Tester , you can be more sure the goods being shipped are intact and completed when delivered.
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 Specs @  Description
 Testing Height @  30 ~ 130 cm adjustable. Lift item by electric
 motor. Drop-height set by distance setting device
 and scale. Motor speed around 2000mm/Min,
 Dropping platformSize @  Standard size: 27 47cm (W D), measuring height
 range: 30 ~ 130 cm
 Max. Load of Dropping platform @  Approx 60kg
 Base @  85 95 cm (W D)
 Max. Allowance of testing package @  80 80 80cm ( or custom-made if edge is over
 80cm, )
 Dropping method @  Electric button type - pneumatic cylinder
 controls dropping. Electric button type -
 pneumatic cylinder type returns to original drop-
 height position.
 Features @  1.Pneumatic single arm dropping

 2.Machine structure is stable and strong

 3.Motor has brake function to adjust to a precise

 4 Ball screw transmission
 Power supply @  Single phase, 220V, 50 / 60 HZ, 8A
 Dimension @  85150230 cm ( W D H )
 Weight @  450 kgs
 Accessory @  edge grip to fix specimen falling from certain

 Accessory @  edge grip to fix specimen falling from certain



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