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 QC-101M1  Carton Compression Tester ¡@

ISO 12048 ISO 2872 ASTM D4169 TAPPI T804 GB T4857-4 JIS Z212

Applied in common corrugated carton or other package container made by other materials as whole carton compression strength test. To prevent package carton strength is not enough during transport, stack, stock and moving that cause product deformation, damage of these kinds of inappropriate conditions happen. QC-101B1 can show test Max. Strength on simple control panel and also can select software and pc connection to control machine to proceed with various tests and analysis, it also can show test force and displacement diagram simultaneously during test.
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 Specs ¡@  Description
 capacity ¡@  2000 kg/ 5000 kg
 Test speed ¡@  1 ~ 300mm/min
 Hardware safety protection ¡@  Up/down limit, emergency stop button protection
 Motor ¡@  Servo motor
 Feature ¡@  Upper compression platen with universal design
 matching with testing subjects that
 automatically adjust flat surface
 PC-port ¡@  TCP/IP
 Power ¡@  Single phase 200 ~ 240VAC¡A5A
 capacity ¡@  2000 kg/ 5000 kg
 PC-port ¡@  TCP/IP


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